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MARC Global Radio

MARC Global Radio delivers targeted radio, podcast, and digital media tours to provide an immediate impact in and reach Black Americans and underserved multicultural markets. Our team members are from diverse backgrounds with varying subject matter expertise, each deeply attuned to the people, social issues, music, politics, sports, celebrities, and entertainment news that matter most to the Black community. At MARC Global Radio we accelerate your communications campaign to reach and resonate with Black and multicultural audiences.  We connect you directly to today’s influential radio shows, podcasts, and digital media to supercharge your brand message and reach millions of Black listeners.

Our customized tours are designed to give brands maximum results within a minimum time commitment. Unlike a typical news wire service, we have real relationships, reaching producers who can put your brand in the spotlight. Using radio, podcast and digital tours, we reach listeners in a meaningful way, working alongside a myriad of influential storytellers who create and sustain waves of conversation. Our tours are developed for a variety of industries, from tech and finance to beauty and fashion. At a time when authenticity and trust are hard to find, it is radio and podcasts that have provided a reliable channel for news and information.


To learn more or schedule a tour, contact:

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